Seminar on Water Stress and Scarcity Challenges – May 20, 2017

Water is the driving force of all nature. Unfortunately, the supplies are running dry for our planet and most of the major aquifers in the world are over stressed. Also, there are major multinational disputes over River water. As a result, future impact of water scarcity may be devastating—– This was observed by the Key-note Speaker Engr. SYED MUBASHIR H. KIRMANI, Chairman of IEP-SAC in the annual Seminar arranged by the Institution of Engineers Pakistan Saudi Arabian Center on the topic,” WATER STRESS AND SCARCITY—grand challenge for Engineers.” Seminar was held in King Salman Social Centre, Riyadh.

As a normal practice of IEP-SAC, an exhibition of engineering products and related Technology was set up at the event which was visited by the chief guest, Engr. Farooq Shaikh, a senior Engineer and ex officio of IEP-SAC, and a no. of guest engineers.

Proceedings of the Seminar started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Engr. Asim Siddiqui who explained the obligations of human being to use natural resources economically and sustainably. Engr. Iqbal Ahmed, General Secretary of IEP-SAC, who was conducting the proceedings of the seminar invited Engr. Rizwan Ahmed, the chairman of Eastern Sub-center for presenting the annual report of his sub-center for 2016-17. Engr. Rizwan Ahmed, while briefing on the activities, recalled that this year their slogan was “VISION”, a power of imagination to foresee and analyze the resources in correct perspective and to guide on the future planning accordingly.

General Secretary Engr. Iqbal Ahmed outlined the activities of IEP-SAC for 2016-17 which included arrangement of technical seminars, publication of Engineering Journal, arrangement of Family Picnic and interaction with other sister organizations. He maintained that EP-SAC has attained a new milestone in providing on-merit Scholarships to needy students in more than nine Engineering Universities and colleges in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir during their studies tenure of four years.

Convener of the Technical Committee Engr. Sh. Asrar Ahmed gave introduction of the Key-note speaker Engr. Kirmani and invited him for his presentation. Engr. Kirmani currently Chairman of IEP_SAC has served in KSA for more than 40 years as a chief Engineer in a very reputable Engineering Consultant organization and achieved a high level of competence in his position. While giving the introduction to the topic, Engr. Kirmani referred to Verses 30 of Chapter 62, SURAH AL MULK and covered almost all aspects related to the topic, ”WATER STRESS AND SCARCITY”. He recalled that about 1.1 billion people on the planet lack access to fresh water and 2.7 billion experience water scarcity at least one month a year. While referring to internationally accepted parameters, he pointed out that Pakistan has already entered into water scarcity phase from water stress phase as per capita annual fresh water availability is now less than 1000 Cu. m. Engr. Kirmani concluded that due to growing population, excessive demand for agriculture, climate change and erratic water management, water crisis is eminent. By 2050 shortfall of 30 % fresh water is foreseen in Pakistan which might result in shortage of food by 7.0 million tons per year. He stated that the construction of Kishan Ganga dam across Jhelum River is a big threat for Pakistan as flow of water to Mangla dam and its irrigation network will face serious setback. By making such reservoirs, India is acting against the spirit of Indus water treaty signed between Pakistan and India in 1960.

In order to alleviate the water crisis in Pakistan, Engr, Kirmani outlined a number of recommendations supported by Science, engineering and good stewardship.

The Chief guest, Engr. Farooq Sheikh, a prominent engineer and ex executive member of IEP-SAC, commended the performance of IEP-SAC, particularly he praised the scholarship program of IEP-SAC and expressed good wishes for success in future. He applauded the scholarly presentation by Engr. Kirmani.

As a chairman of IEP-SAC Engr. Kirmani expressed his appreciation and thanks for continued patronage of IEP-SAC by the ambassador of Pakistan and embassy staff as a whole. He expressed his gratitude to the custodian of two holy mosques King SALAM BIN ABDUL AZIZ and his government in facilitating Pakistani Engineers for contributing their vital role in the development of the brotherly country of Saudi Arabia.

He thanked all participants, sponsors, advertisers, media representatives and Council members for their cooperation. Shields and Certificates were distributed to the Key-note Speaker, Chief Guest and a number of Council members and Sponsors in appreciation of their outstanding contribution.

The program ended at dinner and all the participants were handed over new engineering Journal and gift.




IEP-SAC discusses water scarcity challenge



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